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Dentistry for children is perhaps the most needed, and yet very often the most neglected of all services performed by the dentist. The value of this service cannot be exaggerated, for inadequate or unsatisfactory dental treatment during childhood may damage permanently, the entire masticatory apparatus, leaving the individual with many of the dental problems so common in today’s adult population. Therefore, in dentistry for children, one is dealing mainly with ‘prevention’.

Fear of a dentists and stress during the visit is natural, therefore it is our mission to provide the ultimate in care, service, quality, and time to our little patients. We continually strive to provide “state of the art” materials and equipment within a safe and fun environment. In Dental Club we have doctors who specialise in infant and children’s dentistry, and who know how to help the child calm down and relax, they also take ultimate care to make the dental treatment delicate and painless. Methods such as laughing gas inhalation proves very helpful in situations that demand special measures. But in order to eliminate the stress completely dental treatment of children can be done under total anaesthesia. The conduct of dental treatment of the children is always planned individually and consulted with the little patient’s parents.

As far as prevention is concerned we propose long-term solutions such as fluoride varnish and sealants. The fluoride varnish is a thin coating of resin that is applied to tooth surfaces in order to prevent or arrest decay. It has been proven effective in infants and children who have had cavities, breast feed on demand at night, chronically use high sugar (syrup like) oral medications, engage in prolonged or on demand use of a bottle or sippy cup containing liquids other than water and for children with disabilities. The initial application of fluoride varnish is followed by a second application in between three and six months. Sealants are thin, clear or shaded plastic coatings applied to the occlusal (chewing) surfaces of the first (six year) and second (twelve year) permanent molars in order to prevent cavities. Sealants “seal out” food and bacteria-containing plaque that tend to accumulate in the crevices of the chewing surfaces of the back teeth and cause cavities. It takes only one visit to apply sealants. Sealants are only one step in preventing cavities. Brushing, flossing, limited snacking and regular visits to the dentist are all essential to good oral health.