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Preventive dentistry deals mainly with the treatment of caries, endodontics and prophylactics in a wide sense. The basic prophylactics include regular check outs, which should take place every six months. During the check out our doctor will also advise you how to maintain good dental health, how to brush your teeth and use other dental care products.

In our clinics we only use the top methods of fighting caries and pulp diseases (endodontics), which are almost fully painless. Thanks to the high quality materials we use, the fillings are long lasting and match exactly the colour of the patient’s teeth, so that even if the filling is done in a well visible place its shade will be just the same as the colour of the teeth.

We take care that our patients have plaque and tartar removal procedures done on a regular basis, and apply fluoride varnish, which effectively prevents cavities and gum diseases. In our day-to-day practice we also apply bio-stimulation laser that enhances the treatment of many dental diseases and accelerates the healing of tissue, especially after surgical procedures.